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Wife's Love

Gary and Carol Stern: A Story of Suffering and Devotion

A WIFE’s LOVE: A Story of Suffering and Devotion is the story of one of the largest individual medical malpractice awards.

This is what it is like to suffer due to doctor mistakes and their refusal to admit the mistakes. It is a story of American hospitals, in which 50% of the patients are in the hospital due to having been in the hospital. It is a personal story with a wider look at the failure of our health care system.

This is no polite narrative. The book tells what suffering is – Gary Stern spent three years with his internal organs on the outside of his body – but despite the medical misery and the landmark legal case, the book is a love story, how Carol Stern’s love for her husband overcame the horrors of what they went through. The story of a wife who would not let her husband die until he told her he was ready. A wife who refused to give up, someone who fought the health care system including struggling – successfully – with the White House.

There has never been a more honest book written about the dark side of American health care and about love that knows no boundaries.