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Why Does Climate Change?

Investigate the Causes with Erica and Sven

Illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu / Translated by Owen Witesman and Maarit Kaaihue
Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Climate changes, so should we! This book answers children’s tough questions about climate change and shares ideas about how we can all fight against it.

Best friends Erica and Sven are tired of their parents’ evasive answers about the weird weather people are witnessing all over the planet, so they decide to research what climate change is really about. With the help of fossil gremlins and climate fairies, they educate themselves on how, and if, we can slow it down.
Why Does Climate Change? is accurate but hopeful graphic novel for young readers that explains how humans are responsible for climate change and what we can do to ensure a brighter future for generations to come. It also provides tips on how to make better choices and practice climate skills every day.
Erica and Sven understand that climate change won’t be beaten with tiny tricks, as do we. That’s why this book also encourages talking to children (and adults!) about how to make changes in society and makes the compelling argument that working together can change everything.
Young readers will appreciate the fun and descriptive graphic novel approach to this fascinating subject. 

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Raves and Reviews

"Ambitiously done, but it looks beautiful and fresh. The spreads are spacious and there is not too much text. The content has been carefully written based on the facts but skillfully popularized so that even children can read and listen to them." – Kirsin Kirjanurkka of Cherry's Book Corner

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