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Why Cats are Assholes

Illustrated by Chelsea Trousdale
Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Most people love cats. They’re fluffy, playful, and can be a joy to have as a companion. However, they can also be huge assholes. So what can you do? How do you deal with a roommate who always seems to be plotting to kill you?

While we all love sharing adorable photos of kittens, these frisky felines are known more for marching to the beat of their own drum than abiding by the rules. From running around your home at two in the morning, knocking everything off your shelves, or taking up most of your bed, these furry critters can be immensely selfish and disrespectful to those who give them endless love and affection.

Why Cats Are Assholes is up for such a challenge. From studying their history all the way back to ancient Egypt, comedian Liz Miele—the daughter of veterinarians—digests the cat psyche to try and understand why they do the things they do, and how we, as their loyal servants, can handle domestic bliss with them around.

With the help of her cat Pasta, Miele breaks down the common behaviors of cats in an attempt to try and better understand their plan of attack (if there is one), as well as what we can do to better prepare ourselves.

Whether you have one, two, or twelve fur babies, Why Cats Are Assholes is the ultimate guide to better understanding your pet’s behavior while taking back your home from these domesticated terrorists.

About The Author

About The Illustrator

Product Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (March 30, 2021)
  • Length: 200 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510756229

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Raves and Reviews

“Liz Miele is hilarious, she’s brilliant, and she’s taken more pictures of my cats than I’ve taken of my kids. Take a look inside this book and you’ll see why I always invite her on stage with me on my book tours: she KILLS. I never knew cats were accused of murdering babies until I met Liz, and I’ve never met anyone else who could make that a punchline.” —Christopher McDougall, bestselling author of Born to Run and Running with Sherman

“I was mere seconds into my friend Liz Miele's Why Cats Are Assholes, when I was interrupted by my cat Michaeleen, who thought biting my feet would add a 3D life-imitates-art  element to the reading experience. Why Cats Are Assholes is perfect for people who don't really think cats are assholes, but sort of understand  how Liz came up with the title.” —Todd Barry, comedian and author of Thank You for Coming to Hattiesburg

"If you have a toxic relationship with your cat, which you do, this book will be a huge help. Liz is hilarious, insightful, and informative!" —Jim Tews, comedian and author of Felines of New York

"Liz Miele wrote this hilarious/tough love/love letter to cats and if you've ever had a pet, you'll adore it and the art by Chelsea Trousdale. It is a warm, furry hug in book form." —AJ Mendez, author of Crazy Is My Superpower

"Not only is this a very funny book, but there's a surprising amount of cat science in it. I didn't even know they could hold a test tube." —Paula Poundstone, comedian and author of The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness

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