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Who Knew? Physics

Part of Who Knew?
Published by Portable Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

You’ll feel like a genius after reading this collection of amazing physics facts.

In Who Knew? Physics, you’ll learn the mind-blowing answers to questions about the way our universe works. They might be questions you have always wanted to ask, or maybe ones that you have never considered until now. But they will all leave you saying, “Who knew?” So if you’re bursting to know where the sky becomes space, or if a butterfly could really cause a tornado, this is the book for you. These pages are packed with information, and each chapter concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge so that you will be able to dazzle your friends and family with some incredible insights. 

James Lees is a science communicator based in York, UK. He conducts workshops and talks about physics at a variety of festivals and events across the UK. His main area of study is heat transport in nanoscale materials at the University of York. Who Knew? Physics is his second book, following Physics in 50 Milestone Moments. He has also been published in Physics Review.

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