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Where Tomorrows Aren't Promised

From iconic NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony comes a raw and inspirational memoir about growing up in the housing projects of Red Hook and Baltimore—a brutal world Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised.

NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony candidly opens up about his experiences growing up amidst poverty, racism, mental illness, addiction, and murder. His story challenges America to think about the slim odds of a world-class athlete even surviving such circumstances long enough to be recruited by the NBA—not to mention the trauma and survivor’s guilt he will carry with him forever. Carmelo also shares the small beauties of human experience that helped him stay sane: the power of love, family, community, and education. Anthony’s courageous story of loss and beating impossible odds will resonate with fans universally.

A leader and pioneer on the basketball court, Carmelo Anthony has led a storied career as both a ten-time NBA All-Star and four-time Olympian. As the only male basketball player to win three Olympic gold medals in history, his legacy is firmly cemented in the game of basketball and continues today with the Portland Trail Blazers. Anthony’s incredible career on the court has paved the way for the launch of his many other brands, business ventures, and philanthropic efforts on a global platform. As an outspoken activist against racial injustice and social inequality, Anthony is a leading voice in the ongoing fight for social justice and serves as a champion for actionable change to keep pushing society and the next generation forward.