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When the World Was Young

Creation and Pourquoi Tales

Illustrated by Louise Brierley

A great gift for readers young and old, Margaret Mayo shares creation and pourquoi tales from around the world.

Ten imaginative tales bring young readers into the stories of diverse cultures and create a provocative portrait of the origins of Earth.

When the World Was Young shares creation and pourquoi tales from around the world, including African, Native American, Polynesian, Egyptian and Icelandic stories. Margaret Mayo’s “lively, suspenseful renditions bring masterful storytelling skill to ancient stories” in this sumptuous and thought-provoking book.

Margaret Mayo says most writers state they've always written and made up stories, right from a very young age. Not her! Margaret was a voracious reader but never invented stories, until the morning of June 14th 1974 when she woke up with an idea for a short story. The story grew until it turned into a full length novel, and after a few rewrites, it was accepted by Mills & Boon. Two years and eight books later, Margaret gave up full-time work for good. And her love of writing goes on!