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What Makes Me Sad?

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

What makes you feel sad?

Are there things in your life that makes you sad? This little polar bear can name plenty. Follow along with the baby polar bear as he leaves his cozy den for the first time. The snow is cold, his tummy rumbles with hunger, and the ice he walks with his Mommy is thin and dangerous. Despite the sadness he feels as he misses his home, his Mommy reminds him that there are things to be happy about, even when they feel sad.

Filled from cover to cover with bright pictures of polar bears and the icy tundra of the Arctic, What Makes Me Sad? will assure your child that it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Use the discussion questions at the back of this book to teach your child about the important topic of global warming and the need to protect both the polar bears and the planet, as well as help your child recognize their emotions and make connections to the world around them. What Makes Me Sad? will comfort your child with the knowledge that everyone feels sad sometimes, and you can rely on the people who love you to help you feel happy again.

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