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Cute animals teach kids about their feelings through beautiful illustrations and engaging stories in this value box set!

Do you feel scared sometimes, and know that you need to be brave? Are you ever sad or lonely? Or do you feel happy and cheery? This four-book box set covers it all. It includes:

  • What Makes Me Brave?
  • What Makes Me Happy?
  • What Makes Me Sad?
  • What Makes Me Scared?

Filled from cover to cover with bright pictures of cute animals, What Makes Me Feel? will teach kids about their emotions in an effective and engaging way. Whether it's a sea turtle feeling brave, a polar bear feeling sad, a tiger feeling scared, or a panda feeling happy, this set of books is perfect for teaching any kid about processing their emotions, both acknowledging the good and overcoming the bad.

Using the discussion questions at the back of each book, children will also learn about important topics like extinction and the need to protect sea turtles today, as well as help your child recognize their emotions and make connections to the world around them.


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