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What Makes Me Brave?

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

What makes you feel brave?

Do you feel scared sometimes, and know that you need to be brave? This baby sea turtle does! Follow along as this brave little turtle hatches and makes his way across the beach to the ocean. Despite that he is alone, and the sea gulls fly overhead, waiting to try and snatch him from the sand, this little turtle knows that he will be brave and make it to his new home in the ocean!

Filled from cover to cover with bright pictures of sea turtles and the ocean, What Makes Me Brave? will teach your child about the need to feel brave, even when they feel frightened and alone. Use the discussion questions at the back of this book to teach your child about the important topic of extinction and the need to protect sea turtles today, as well as help your child recognize their emotions and make connections to the world around them. What Makes Me Brave? will assure your child that everyone feels the need to be brave sometimes!

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