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Warning: Don't Try This at Home

50 Dangerous and Nerve Racking Stunts to Avoid

Until now, there just hasn't been a book that passes down the inside information that everyone really needs and wants - namely, how to make marvelous mischief.  Before now, the only way to learn rule-breaking behavior was to go directly to the expert pranksters and hope they'd reveal their secrets.


But now it's easy to commit random and silly acts of stupidity: just flip through this hilarious, idea-packed guide to everything naughty and disruptive!  Warning! Don't Try This at Home shows you exactly how to short-sheet a bed, fake a UFO photo, stack a poker deck, light your own farts, drag race in the streets, cook up moonshine, and much more!


Of course, no one advocates actually doing these things (especially the illegal ones), but if you're going to go ahead and be a  jack** anyway, why look like an amateur?  There's nothing more embarassing than bungling your trick.  And now you won't!

Lou Harry is:

a) A reporter/novelist

b) A playwright and prolific writer of novelty and pop culture books.

c) Co-author of Kid Culture and author of The Game of Life.

d) All of the above


Yup, all of the above. Lou Harry collaborated on this trivia book with Eric Berman, who is a reporter for WIBC News; a semifinalist in the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions and Midwestern champion at the 2001 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament; and coauthor of a weekly pub quiz in Bloomington, Indiana.

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