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War Stories

Hugo and Nebula Award winner Joe Haldeman is one of the most compelling writers to emerge from the Vietnam War.

War Stories collects together two novels, several short stories, and two long poems that deal explicitly with Haldeman’s Vietnam and post-Vietnam experiences. The novel War Year was one of the first books written by Haldeman upon his return from Vietnam, and the novel 1968 (which chronicles time in country, as well as a soldiers return “home”) was not published until 1994. These two novels form compelling bookends to a career’s worth of writing that has been passionately engaged with the questions raised by the Vietnam War.

War Stories includes the Forever War novella, “A Separate War,” as well as three new author introductions which give some historical, personal, and bibliographic background to the fiction herein.

The novels and stories in this book have never been as potent, nor as terribly relevant as they are today.