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WWE Superstars and Legends Poster Book

Part of WWE
Published by BuzzPop
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Shine like a Superstar and make your space legendary with over 30 pull-out posters for lockers, cubbies, and homes!

The Superstars and Legends of WWE are all in one awesome poster book!

Are you a boss? A budding sports entertainer? Do you want to feel like you're at ringside all the time? Bring WWE to life with these fun pull-out posters including:
- Mini locker & cubby posters
- Double-sided door signs
- Mirror decorations
- Customizable wall posters
- Three-piece wall posters
- And more!

With photos and cool, graphic treatments of WWE performers, these decorations will make you one of the Elite!

This poster book is a can't-miss item for all WWE fans!

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