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Vintage Guns

At the back of many a gun cabinet lurks a neglected old shotgun. This book will encourage its owner to bring it back into service. A beautiful, fully-illustrated volume, Vintage Guns offers expert advice on collecting guns and restoring them to firing condition—on a reasonable budget. It provides practical tips on buying the right gun for restoration, and gives an honest description of the steps—and potential pitfalls—on the path to renovation. Written for the shooter rather than the historian or engineer, it covers the subject in a lively, informative manner, always with an eye toward heading to the field. Topics covered include safety, servicing and maintenance, ribs and chokes, sidelocks and boxlocks, proofing, ejectors, ammunition, and much more. Originally published under the title (and identical to) Vintage Guns: Collecting, Restoring & Shooting Classic Firearms.

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