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Unofficial STEM Quest for Minecrafters: Grades 3–4

Get ready for a brain-building STEM adventure!

Give kids the academic advantage with STEM Quest for Minecrafters: Grades 3–4. This problem-solving workbook challenges young minecrafters to apply their natural creativity and reasoning skills to real-world situations. Science, technology, engineering, and math come to life on the pages of each colorfully illustrated lesson. This book:

  • Allows young gamers to engineer solutions, crack codes, and stretch their brains in fun and exciting ways
  • Supports STEM education initiatives and builds twenty-first-century learning skills
  • Encourages kids to dive eagerly into a unique, colorful, kid-friendly offline learning adventure

  • Whether it's designing a new mob, evaluating natural resources, engineering a mine cart, or using the binary alphabet to crack a code, third and fourth graders will discover new ways to stretch their brains, build their confidence, and satisfy their appetite for hands-on learning.

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