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Uncle John's Plunges into New York

Illustrated Edition

Published by Portable Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Uncle John Plunges into New York…in color!

You think you know New York? Fugeddaboutit! Uncle John knows New York, though, and he’s taking readers on a whirlwind tour of America’s greatest city…this time in Technicolor!


Uncle John’s Plunges into New York (Illustrated Edition) is full of cool trivia and fascinating facts about the Big Apple, but now it’s jam-packed with photographs and illustrations too! What kind of information, you ask? Read all about…

• The incredible natural phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge.
• The public library, the subway, and the city’s narrowest house.
• The Naked Cowboy and Lady Liberty’s big feet.
• People who actually tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge.


And much more! It’s the perfect gift for all New Yorkers—whether they were lucky enough to be born in the Big Apple or just always wished to be.

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