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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Wonderful World of Odd

Published by Portable Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

A compendium of kookiness, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Wonderful World of Odd digs up the oddest, strangest, most bizarre tales and true facts from this weird, weird world.

This volume—Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Wonderful World of Odd—exposes the best of the weirdest news, facts, and fun from all over the world. Where else could you learn about a woman who broke her legs flying a pig, a student who got credit for dressing like a lobster, and a man who patented a method for determining the sex of a spinach plant? Uncle John rules the world of bizarre information and humor, so get ready to be thoroughly entertained. Read all about…


  • The world’s longest ear hair
  • A girl raised by dogs
  • Celebrity death conspiracies
  • Goblins, the horny horse man, Yowie, and other strange creatures

And much more!

The Bathroom Readers' Institute is a tight-knit group of loyal and skilled writers, researchers, and editors who have been working as a team for years. The BRI understands the habits of a very special market—Throne Sitters—and devotes itself to providing amazing facts and conversation pieces.

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