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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Weird Inventions

Published by Portable Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

From the nation’s top collector of curious and interesting information comes a book of strange gadgets you never knew existed.

The writers behind Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader present this totally true treasury of amazing gizmos--devilish devices you never knew existed, created by people who thought the world absolutely needed what they had to offer and sell.


Read all about: 
* The onesie that turns your crawling baby into a mop

* The fart-stifling blanket

* The square watermelon

* The video game you control with your mind

* The weight loss device that sucks food out of your stomach


The Bathroom Readers' Institute is a tight-knit group of loyal and skilled writers, researchers, and editors who have been working as a team for years. The BRI understands the habits of a very special market—Throne Sitters—and devotes itself to providing amazing facts and conversation pieces.

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