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Ultimate Muscle, Vol. 24

Battle 24

Book #24 of Ultimate Muscle

About The Book

Outrageous superpowered wrestlers!

Kid Muscle, the son of legendary wrestler King Muscle, rockets to Earth and finds an evil wrestling gang called the DMP tearing the place apart. The punks on the DMP are the weirdest, nastiest, most outlandishly powerful musclebound freaks the galaxy has ever known. Kid Muscle's only hope: form a team that's even wilder. The only possible result is earthshaking, bodyslamming, ultimate-powered action that sends our entire planet sailing over the top rope!

Battle 24

Since Kid Muscle's not a bad enough dude to save his friend Meat, the Army of Idols--a gang of former villains--has vowed to fight the evil Demon Seeds on their own evil turf. That's all well and good when the Idols in question are Mars, the Fire Challenge phenom, or Kevin Mask, champion of the Superhuman Olympics. But can Barrierfreeman, the half-young, half-old wrestler who spends more time groping girls than grappling opponents, really hold his own in battle? Especially when his dirty-old-man half insists on doing most of the fighting?

The Muscle League finds out the hard way when Barrierfreeman faces the Tattooman at historic Goryôkaku Fortress. In one corner: a wall of tattooed muscle with a bag of ingenious Edo-themed tricks--and a giant gun in his arm if the subtle approach doesn't work. In the other corner: 90 pounds of fury in an adult diaper. Meat's chances don't look good. Heck, even Kid Muscle beat Barrierfreeman...

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC (November 3, 2009)
  • Length: 232 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781421524443

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