Ultimate Muscle, Vol. 22

Book #22 of Ultimate Muscle
Illustrated by Yudetamago

About The Book

R to L (Japanese Style)

What do you do when a team of evil superpowered wrestlers from another planet threatens the health and safety of the Earth? Organize a team of GOOD superpowered wrestlers, of course! Kid Muscle, the son of legendary wrestler King Muscle, rockets to Earth and finds an evil wrestling gang called the DMP tearing the place apart. The punks on the DMP are the weirdest, nastiest, most outlandishly powerful musclebound freaks the galaxy has ever known. Kid Muscle's only hope: form a team that's even wilder. Lazy and cowardly, the Kid sure doesn't look like the universe's last great hope, but when something upsets him -like, say, EVIL - he busts out in muscles just like his old man! The only possible result is earthshaking, bodyslamming, ultimate-powered action that sends our entire planet sailing over the top rope!

Recognize the five fearsome gentlemen gracing this back cover? No? Well, back up and reacquaint yourself with Ultimate Muscle Volumes 1-21, my friend. I'll wait here....All caught up? Good. In that case, the beatings Kid Muscle endured at the sundry appendages of Barrierfreeman, Comrade Turbinski, Mars, Kevin Mask and Hanzo are no doubt fresh in your memory, and even now they send a chill up your spine. (Okay, okay, the Kid never personally fought Comrade Turbinski. But still.) Well, hold that fear in your mind, savor it, and now consider this: those historic brawls are as nothing compared to the deep-down body hurt about to be doled out by the ancient evil rising from the depths of the Pacific at this very moment. It's already got Meat, and he's gone all to pieces over it. And now it's coming for Kid Muscle...oh, and Earth. It's totally got it in for Earth.

Product Details

  • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC (March 3, 2009)
  • Length: 232 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781421524429

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