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Mavis accidentally makes her Aunt Lydia young again in this hilarious novel based on an episode of the hit Disney Channel show Hotel Transylvania: The Series.

Aunt Lydia is ruining the afterlife!

Mavis and her friends really want to go to Roachella, the biggest concert of the year, but strict Aunt Lydia says no. If only Aunt Lydia were a teenager, she’d understand just how cool Roachella is! That’s when Mavis gets an idea—she can use Uncle Gene’s zombie sprayer to make Aunt Lydia young again! Sure enough, Teen Lydia isn’t so uptight—in fact, Teen Lydia is, well, cool. So cool that she no longer wants to run Hotel Transylvania. If everyone goes to the concert, who will look after the hotel? Will Mavis and her friends make it to Roachella after all?

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Two Teen Vampires!

The moment Mavis had been waiting for was finally here. She was watching her favorite rock star, Jett Black, on a TV in the Hotel Transylvania lobby when the mail arrived. A zombie bellhop hurried over, growled something, and held up an envelope. Mavis knew what was inside without even having to open it.

“They’re here! They’re finally here!” Mavis yelled to no one in particular as she waved the envelope in the air. “Tickets to Jett Black at the Roachella Batcave. This is going to rock!”

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