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Tuxedo Gin, Vol. 14

Book #14 of Tuxedo Gin

Teenage boxer Ginji died and got himself reincarnated as a penguin to stay close to Minako, the girl of his dreams. Now, "Gin-chan" must perish of natural causes to be restored to his former self...

Gin-chan's hopes for a romantic island vacation with Minako are dashed when she meets a dead ringer for Ginji in his mammalian form. Should Gin-chan sabotage Minako's budding relationship with his doppelgänger when all Gin-chan has to offer is mackerel-breath pecks on the cheek? There's no time for closure on this moral dilemma when Minako becomes a damsel in distress yet again. Has she survived (in alphabetical order) abduction by boat and minivan, beauty pageants, falls, flirting, freezing, haunted houses, imposters, jealous rages, paper swimwear, peeping Toms, stabbing, strangulation, and tipsiness only to perish by water? Plus, meet another reincarnated soul, in the form of a cuddly koala. This seemingly innocuous critter has no natural predators, a two-yard long appendix, and gets nineteen hours of sleep a day...but now that he's come to Irie City, he's also got an appalling personal agenda!

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