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Turn It Up!

How to Perform at Your Highest Level for a Lifetime

Published by Health Communications Inc EB
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

A hardcore life overhaul guaranteed for a lifetime of success--used by champions in business, sports, entertainment, and life

As a former Olympian, team member of eight Tours de France, renowned chiropractor, international lecturer, and Life Coach to the Stars, Dr. Spencer knows what it takes to overcome obstacles, create and execute plans, achieve stardom, and guide others to living highly successful lives. He’s taught his techniques and offered his guidance to many top athletes, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and entertainers who seek his proven philosophies. Through twenty-eight years of coaching and training the top performers in a variety of fields, Dr. Spencer has identified what it is that these highly successful people have and do that enables them to make it so far in life. In Turn It Up!, Dr. Spencer shows readers what makes these highly accomplished individuals reach the top consistently and translates their philosophies--and his--to ensure that readers everywhere can implement his proven program for success and turn up their lives a notch, not only into their daily routines, but into the way they think, the way they plan, and the way they live their lives.

After reading Turn It Up! and implementing Dr. Spencer’s Twelve Principles for Personal Success, readers will have a solid and doable plan for embracing proper risk, controlling fear, defining principles, attracting opportunity, remaining focused, formulating a plan, finishing the job, keeping physically and emotionally healthy, and maintaining fitness, in the same manner that his clients do to much success and fulfillment. No longer is there a line between the successful and “everyone else,” as Turn It Up! unveils the learned skills within everyone’s reach with Dr. Spencer’s fail-proof personal success system.