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Edited by Jacob Hoye and Karolyn Ali

About The Book

This stunningly illustrated and intimate book—composed of Tupac's own words—is in many ways the autobiography Tupac Shakur never got to write.

This richly illustrated companion to the Academy Award-nominated documentary film, Tupac: Resurrection brings unprecedented clarity and soulful intimacy to the life and work of the late Tupac Shakur. It shines a light on the complex life of a complicated man.

Authorized by his mother, Afeni Shakur, Tupac is in many ways the autobiography he never got to write, featuring the artist in his own words, letters, and poems. They are showcased here, along with dozens of never-before-seen photographs, lyrics, screenplay ideas, and other personal effects. Capturing as never before the unrivaled passion and intense candor that made him one of America's bestselling solo recording artists of all time, Tupac: Resurrection stands as an indelible testament to Tupac's astonishing cultural legacy and crystallizes the enduring significance and impact of one of the most complex, haunting, and influential artists of our time.

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Raves and Reviews

"Tupac was a passionate artist who inspired even more passionate idolatry, one of the few rappers -- alive or dead -- who truly merits a volume like this." -- Rolling Stone

"The past several years have been extremely painful watching and listening while others incorrectly attempted to define who my son really was. Now the true story of Tupac is finally being shared with the world." -- Afeni Shakur

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  • Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
  • Garden State Teen Book Award Nominee (NJ)

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