Totally Gross Experiments and Activities

66 Gruesome STEAM Science and Art Activities


About The Book

Make a fish out of onion skins, craft a beheaded alien cake, or create your own erupting volcano. Every project in The Grossology Handbook is tried and tested. The recipes and projects use simple, everyday materials and have clear step-by-step instructions to help you get the most of your gross-out experience. Smart “Fact Files” and “Think About It” boxes introduce fun facts and explain the educational value behind each experiment and activity. Freaky, fascinating, and fun!

Included within are sections on:

  • Slimy Science and Awesome Experiments
  • Gruesome Grub and Disgusting Dishes
  • Dinosaur Dishes and Fossil Food
  • Astonishing Art and Recycled Garbage
  • Mad Machines and Dotty Devices
  • Cool Circuits and Wicked Wires

    Featured within are vibrant, full-color illustrations on every page. Get ready to get totally grossed out with this incredibly fun and entertaining book—it’s perfect for any kid!
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