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Tom Turkey And Erik Eagle: or How the Eagle Became the American Symbol

When the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, to pick a national symbol for the new country, they just could not agree. Elder statesman Ben Franklin preferred the turkey, but George Washington championed the mighty eagle. So they asked Ben’s new friend, Drew Duck, to help them decide. Drew flew back to his home in Wilderbrush Forest and asked his animal friends to help him. Several candidates said they’d be perfect, but finally, the choice came down to Tom Turkey or Erik Eagle. Most favored kind and gentle Tom. Besides, ferocious Eagle scared them silly. But then they thought: if Eagle was elected he would have to be good! So Drew Duck called them all together, and when all the votes were counted, Eagle it was! And that is how the eagle became our national symbol and how the creatures of Wilderbrush Forest learned that democracy is the best way to solve all problems.

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