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Time Shifts

Experiences of Slipping into the Past and Future

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• Shares detailed accounts from people who have experienced time slips, including the author’s own experiences, as well as the practices of shamans, yoga masters, and Samadhi mystics who use trance-like meditative states to travel outside normal space and time

• Offers step-by-step exercises to prepare you to experience time shifts, to help set them up, and to enhance the experience when you have slipped through time

• Examines criticisms of and scientific support for this phenomenon, debunking claims that time slips are delusions or remembrances of past lives and showing that they may be related to energy vortices, black holes, or astral travel

Every now and then somebody reports stepping out of normal time and space. It doesn’t seem to matter where they live or their background--the veil of ordinary reality drops and they suddenly slip into the past or future, usually seamlessly and unknowingly, experiencing a temporary and accidental form of time travel.

Sharing detailed accounts from people who have experienced time slips and shifts between realities, including his own experiences, Von Braschler examines what their stories have in common to establish the pattern behind how these sudden slips in time occur. He examines criticisms of and scientific support for this phenomenon, debunking claims that time slips are delusions, implanted memories, or remembrances of past lives and showing that they may be related to energy vortices, tears in the fabric of our reality, black holes, astral travel, or light body movements. Studying reliable models from both the West and the East, he compares these excursions with shamanic journeying and the practices of yoga masters and Samadhi mystics, who use trance-like meditative states to travel outside normal space and time. Exploring the work of Einstein and other physicists, the author also examines the different speed with which time passes in ordinary reality and during time shifts--people will find that only a few minutes has elapsed for a time-shift experience that appeared to take hours.

Offering step-by-step exercises to prepare you to experience time shifts, to help set them up, and to enhance the experience when you have slipped through time, the author provides a road map allowing anyone to explore shifts in time and space and expand their awareness beyond ordinary reality.



You've probably heard about someone who claims to have slipped into another time and then returned in a confused state, as strange as that might sound. Perhaps you thought it was impossible and could never happen to you. This book will show you how common slips in time really are and how you could easily have experienced something like that yourself without even realizing it.

The book also will lead you through exercises to experience time slips on a controlled basis. This will make them even more meaningful for you. After all, slips in time are the way we could explore beyond the rigid boundaries of our mundane world. It's a likely way that our spirit journeys. It's how we could expand our understanding.

This is the way of the shaman in a vision quest. It's the Native American path of spirit walking or dream walking. The shaman seeks to witness profound glimpses into the past or future for insight. Shamans traditionally observe what ancestors impart to them or probe the destiny that lies ahead. Then they report that back to their people. This is the role of the prophet who guides the people through uncertainty by glimpsing into the past or what likely is ahead. The traveler is the ultimate guide who has peeked behind every bend of the road.

This is also the mission of the yoga mystic who steps outside mundane time and space. In deepest trance, the samadhi mystic leaves the physical body to journey to unknown worlds and realities to better understand the human condition in the greater cosmos. It is the quest of every serious yogi to find union in the oneness of all and unity in the journey of the spirit.

Every hero who embarks on a great journey of discovery understands this truth. The hero steps into unknown regions and loses himself (or herself) in the process. All great heroes learn to step off the path into uncertainty where up might become down and left appears on the right. After all, no great discoveries happen on a common path riddled with deep ruts where everyone has followed the steps of others, eyes barely open.

No, the hero takes a brave leap into uncharted space and time with eyes wide open and consciously aware. And along the hero's arc of discovery, the lost soul finds itself and finds answers hidden from common view. That's the role of the hero -- the brave explorer in search of hidden truth.

It was true of Odysseus who slayed mythical monsters and dueled with gods in worlds that most people never see. It was true of Arjuna, the hero in The Bhagavad Gita, who rode his chariot with the lord as his guide and counselor during a war.

All of us can become a hero in our own life journeys, because living is a process that is meant to be filled with adventure and discovery. It's a journey where you are pitted against obstacles and forced to make choices. How you survive your hero's journey is up to you. It depends on your choices and your observations. It's how you have picked your path and found your way. What have you discovered along the way?

The journey is everything. It's much more important to you at this stage than the destination. For Arjuna on a chariot with Lord Krishna, his great success was not bringing a victorious outcome to a war but finding peace and purpose in the world. For Odysseus, reaching Ithaca to resume his throne was not his greatest victory, but encountering many surreal obstacles along the way. If you are lucky, you will find yourself along the way--the real you outside of the illusions of our physical world with perfectly pressed clothes and manicured lawns. That is the real you without the many masks you wear to conform to our physical norms and blend into the mundane world. It is the higher self that transcends your physical limitations.

I believe in getting lost from time to time in order to find yourself. I believe in stepping off the path and following where spirit takes you. I have tried to do that and freely include some personal adventures outside normal time and space. I have included other similar encounters as faithfully as possible here, in hopes that you will see a pattern.

This pattern could work for you. Admittedly, it won't be such a big stretch for people who have daydreamed and found themselves miles from home in a different time and place. It won't seem that odd for individuals who have experienced lucid, vivid dreams and felt certain they really were somewhere outside their own memories. It will prove easy for everyone who recalls going through a normal day, but then suddenly slipping into another time and place where things seemed quite real, if only for an instant.

You see, we probably all slip in and out of time and space on a regular basis in our regular lives, without much thought to it. We just shrug it off and tell ourselves how strange that seemed nothing to take seriously. Most assuredly, it's something we don't talk about as a rule.

The basic truth is that our spirit longs to be free and explore. That energetic part of you that is trapped most of the time in a dense, physical body like a shroud instinctively knows how to get out. And once it gets out, it wants to explore. It longs to experience and grow. It wants to learn and evolve.

This book offers help for you to explore and set your spirit free.

About The Author

Von Braschler, a former faculty member at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, has led workshops through the United States and the United Kingdom. A lifetime member of the Theosophical Society, he is the author of several books, including Perfect Timing and Chakra Reading and Color Healing. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (March 30, 2021)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644112403

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Raves and Reviews

“Von Braschler is back with THE book the paranormal world has been waiting for! Braschler walks us through a world of possibilities and tests the paradigms of what we think we know while examining what mysteries of our human experience are still waiting to be revealed.”

– Dave Schrader, host of Darkness Radio and Travel Channel’s The Holzer Files

Time Shifts is a remarkable book, full of thought-provoking stories, fascinating information on how time travel works, and valuable exercises to help you experiment with alternate realities. Like all of Von Braschler’s books, Time Shifts is well researched and contains a wealth of practical information. Highly recommended.”

– Richard Webster, author of Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Divination

“Fascinating book. Time Shifts provides specific exercises that can teach readers how to experience this ‘time shift’ or ‘quick switch.’ Highly recommended.”

– Albert Amoa Soria, Ph.D., author of Awaken the Power Within

"A unique and inherently fascinating study, Time Shifts: Experiences of Slipping into the Past and Future is an extraordinarily thoughtful and thought-provoking read throughout. While of special and particular interest to students of out-of-body experiences and shamanism, as well as students of unexplained mysteries, Time Shifts is recommended for community, college, and university library Metaphysical Studies collections."

– Midwest Book Review

"Real-life experiences such as these combine with Von Braschler's well-researched investigation to make his book the most credible examination of the subject. Having opened the door to this eternal mystery, a final chapter in Time Shifts directs readers through it in a series of exercises, which can make time travelers of us all."

– New Dawn Magazine

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