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This Little Piggy Went to Market in the City

A Modern Farm-To-Table Parody

Illustrated by Rich Greco
Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

***Featured in the One Club Creatives Holiday Wish List

The classic piggy market tale you love, but this time you don’t have to touch anyone’s feet. A must-have for any modern parent!

Based on the beloved nursery rhyme, This Little Piggy Went to Market in the City takes you through farmers' markets, where piggies grapple with insufferable hipster crowds, poke fun at fad diets, and contemplate composting, among other things. This will be a book parents will actually want to read to their kids for the hundredth time.

In this book, the author and illustrator:

  • Play with insights about the happenings of farmers markets in cities.
  • Examine the burden of dealing with crowds when you really just want to eat an almond croissant.
  • Nod to the feeling of loss and disappointment when you forget your canvas tote.
  • Ponder what composting is, exactly?
  • Poke fun at trend diets like The Ketogenic Diet.
  • Allude to how a vegetarian piggy would handle this market.

"Inspired by the lack of books that are fun for both kids and parents, Tara Lawall and Rich Greco made their own . . . it takes readers through a Brooklyn farmers' market, where the piggies have to deal with insufferable hipsters and crowds. They poke fun at fad diets like Keto and contemplate what composting really is. All of this is underpinned by an illustrative style devised by Rich that is enjoyable for eyes of all ages. It's like a Pixar movie in book form."
Little Black Book

"Tara Lawall is hilarious and this book is just what I needed! Also, I related to way too many of the Little Piggies in this book."
—Adam Wade, #1 Audible and Amazon bestselling author, and 20-time winner of The Moth's StorySlam

"The story we all know but updated to represent the ridiculous shopping experience of today." 
—Beth Newell, cofounder and editor of Reductress

"A clever and hilarious twist on the classic nursery rhyme that had me going hee-hee all the way home."
—Sam Miserendino, author of the Addicted Animals series (If You Give a Bear a Bong, If You Give a Kitty a Cocktail, and more)