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This Book Will Gross You Out

Published by Downtown Bookworks
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

This Book Will Gross You Out is thoroughly disgusting, compulsively readable edutainment, filled with laugh-out-loud entries on the most revolting animals, the gnarliest things about the human body, and the foulest foods people eat. 

You will wince, you will giggle, and you might even heave, but you'll also probably learn something really cool about science and nature along the way. 

This book is full of all sorts of things you should not try at home, like preparing rancid shark meat, flinging poo for home safety, collecting belly button lint, eating live squid, rolling around in ants nests to get clean, and chowing down on scorpion lollipops. 

And there's more! You'll learn about tiny creatures that live in your eyelashes, the awful secrets to bad breath, a food that smells so bad it's illegal, beetles that shoot firebombs from their backsides, exactly how much snot you produce in a day, wasps that turn roaches into zombies, a cheesy delicacy filled with squirmy maggots, and fish that communicate by farting!


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