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The Yuckiest Counting Book in the World!

Kids will Never Forget Their Numbers!

Illustrated by Rebecca Pry

With an outrageously furry cover and playful 1-2-3s, The Yuckiest Counting Book in the World celebrates how fun counting can be!

Learning to count has never been sillier! This colorful collection cycles through each number, pairing the 1-2-3s with wonderfully silly rhymes and hilarious imagery to create a delightfully fun journey from 1 through 10 and beyond! Including…

1 octopus playing baseball
- 2 puppies balancing on bicycles 
3 dinosaurs taking bubble baths
4 mermaids riding motorcycles 
5 monsters baking cakes
10 (or 100) llamas having a party!

Let this book be a resource for your kids and a reading activity for the whole family! The Yuckiest Counting Book in the World is the funniest way to get from 1 to 10! Just look at the cover: draped in spotty, brightly colored fur, this book boasts a “so-ugly-its-cute” aesthetic that would look good on any bookshelf or nursery. But it’s not what’s on the outside that counts . . . it’s what’s on the inside, which is why we’ve opted for sturdy board pages for this 28-page spread. Revisit the fun of learning with this whimsical exploration of the English language.  

Margaret McGuire Novak is an editor and the author of several books. She lives with her family in Charlottesville, Virginia. Find her at

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