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The Wisdom of Letting Go

The Path of the Wounded Soul

Published by Health Communications Inc
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Spiritual leader Leo Booth knows that many of us are searching for ways to move beyond trauma, beyond old messages, and beyond the limitations of obsessive behavior. Inspired by his numerous workshops, The Wisdom of Letting Go seeks to answer the complicated question "How do we let go of the unhealthy situations in life that weigh us down and keep us from living in the moment?"

With thought-provoking quotes, anecdotal essays, and comforting prayers, The Wisdom of Letting Go guides the reader toward a path of personal development through forgiveness and acceptance of oneself and others. Booth offers healing advice and inspirational messages on matters of love, codependency, spirituality, separation, divorce, sex, sickness, death, racism, and violence.

"Letting go," says Leo Booth, "does not mean we don't care. Letting go is discovering a path beyond the pain, beyond the conflict. Letting go is finding a way to live life." Clearly, there is wisdom in letting go, and this book endeavors to show its readers how to do it.

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