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The Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless Science Fact-O-Pedia

A Startling Collection of Scientific Trivia You'll Never Need to Know

Illustrated by Steve Kanaras and Matt C. Ryan
Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Did you know that cacao beans are actually seeds (not beans) from the cacao tree? Technically speaking, this makes chocolate a fruit! 

Did you know that a single ounce of gold can be stretched into a wire more than 5 miles (8 km) long?

Did you know that dolphins sleep with only half their brain at a time?

The Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless Science Fact-O-Pedia is the ideal book for the intellectually curious mind. Loaded with nearly 2,000 fun facts and lots of fun comics and illustrations , this encyclopedia will arm you with hundreds of useless (and not so useless!) scientific tidbits--perfect for anyone looking to stimulate the mind or simply to impress at a party. Featuring a range of subjects, from anatomy and anthropology to physics and psychology, it's a virtual treasure trove of information!

About The Author

About The Illustrators

Product Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (October 16, 2012)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620872031

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