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The Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion

Gods, Monsters, Myths and What's in Store for Jason, Piper and Leo


In the ancient world, the gods and their heroic half-blood children were legendary. Now in the modern world, they regain their glory in the pages of Rick Riordan’s captivating novels. Providing everything you’ll need to become a Hero of Olympus, the book looks back at the stories of Percy Jackson while exploring how Riordan hints at but keeps readers guessing what’s in a store for Jason, Piper and Leo.

In this handy companion, the Olympic gods are fully detailed, from origin and family relationships to famous tales and an expressive illustration, including:

Zeus • Hera • Poseidon • Athena • Apollo • Aphrodite

The vast array of other gods and fantastical creatures are also cataloged:

Atlas who literally carries the weight of the world on his shoulders
Kronos a Titan who swallows his newborn children
Persephone a kidnapped goddess who becomes queen of the Underworld
Minotaur a half-bull, half-man imprisoned in a labyrinth
Hydra a poisonous serpent who grows two heads when one is severed
Sirens deadly nymphs whose irresistibly beautiful singing lures sailors to their doom

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: This book is an independent and unauthorized fan publication.

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