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The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters: Multiplayer Mode

Exploring Hidden Games and Secret Worlds

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

In Minecraft’s infinite, expandable, interactive playground, players are free to create—or destroy—anything in the universe. But interactive play opens an entirely new way for players to experience the world of Minecraft, and this is the first gamer’s guide to tackle all the possibilities of Minecraft’s open platform, multiplayer world. Learn everything you need to know about this whole new way of experiencing the amazing and ever-expanding world of Minecraft, including:

  • How and where to play safely online
  • Three ways to play: LAN, server, and realms
  • Parkour, roleplay, and mini-games
  • Playing in Creative and Survival modes
  • Finding and making the most of mods
  • And server plugins for advanced players!

  • With hundreds of screenshots for easy visual reference and definitions of every term that might trip a player up, this exciting book covers the A to Z of collaborating with Minecraft’s millions of players, from everywhere in the world!

    About The Author

    Cara J. Stevens has a deep and abiding love for video games, science fiction and writing. She began her career designing interactive games and stories based on books and is happy to come full circle, creating stories based on video games. She has written nine other books for kids, including the novel Dragon School. When she’s not writing or hanging out at the beach, she can be found playing pinball, WiiU, and classic Atari games. Cara lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband, two children, and a loud, fluffy dog named Oliver.

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