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The Trumps

Three Generations of Builders and a President



About The Book

The definitive family biography of President Donald Trump.

The revealing story of the Trumps mirrors America’s transformation from a land of striving immigrants to a world in which the aura of wealth alone can guarantee a fortune. The Trumps begins with a portrait of President Trump’s immigrant grandfather, who as a young man built hotels for miners in Alaska during the Klondike gold rush. His son, Fred, took advantage of the New Deal, using government subsidies and loopholes to construct hugely successful housing developments in the 1940s and 1950s. The profits from Fred’s enterprises paved the way for President Trump’s roller-coaster ride through the 1980s and 1990s into the new century.

With his talent for extravagant exaggeration—he calls it “truthful hyperbole”—President Trump turned the deal-making know-how of his forebears into an art form. By placing this much-publicized life within the context of family, Gwenda Blair adds a new dimension to the larger-than-life figure who ascended to the American Presidency.

About The Author

Photograph by Matthew W. Stolper

Gwenda Blair is the author of the bestselling Almost Golden: Jessica Savitch And The Selling of TV News, and she has written for Politico, The New York Times, New York, Newsweek, the New York Daily News, Esquire, Smart Money, The Village Voice, Chicago Magazine, and other newspapers and magazines. She lives in Chicago and teaches at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Follow her @GwendaLBlair.

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Raves and Reviews

Robert Gottlieb The New York Observer Convincing and instructive...relentless in explaining and anatomizing Donald Trump's business dealings.

Steve Weinberg The Philadelphia Enquirer As I read Gwenda Blair's biography, I found myself captivated by the three-generation saga of [the] family....A superb job.

Cintra Wilson The San Diego Union-Tribune Evenhanded and exhaustively researched, Blair's book will make any fair-minded soul wheeze with murderous nausea about the generally horrible behavior that made Trump a pink-marble-hewn-monster Priapus of the real-estate world and perhaps the most televized con artist of our time.

Kirkus Reviews (starred) Blair reconstructs the history of the Trump family through prodigious amounts of research and personal interviews....The overall result has echoes of the best work of David Halberstam and Robert Caro.

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