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The Soul of Purpose

A Step-By-Step Approach to Create A Purpose-Driven, Healthy Life

Foreword by David Friedman
Published by Post Hill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The Soul of Purpose shares previously unrevealed secrets about the definitive connections between spirituality, purpose, and health that will inspire and empower readers to create an individualized wellness blueprint to facilitate a healthy, purpose-filled life.

In The Soul of Purpose, author Jaya Jaya Myra shares powerful secrets revealing how and why purpose is foundational to both spirituality and health. The book outlines The WELL Method approach she created for changing mindset and daily habits—and teaches readers how to create a custom purpose and wellness blueprint based on each person’s unique talents and elemental composition. Myra includes her personal story of healing naturally from fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression to show readers what a healing process really looks like in day-to-day life, and how it is connected to purpose. In a step-by-step guide, Jaya Jaya Myra shows readers how to implement each strategy effectively, overcome obstacles associated with real personal growth and self-healing, and how to build the necessary synergy and momentum to create a fulfilled, purpose-driven, healthy life.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Post Hill Press (January 5, 2021)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781642935134

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Raves and Reviews

"Jaya Jaya Myra does a wonderful job teaching people the connections between good health and mind-body wellbeing. The WELL Method is a great tool for cultivating a positive and grateful mindset about life that can help people heal and regain balance. It's a must-read book on mind, body, and soul wellbeing." 

– Dr. Josh Axe, Founder of Ancient Nutrition

"The Soul of Purpose is the right book at the right time and will help so many. The WELL Method is a framework to structure the three components that make you: mind, body, and soul. Wherever you are at, this book is the open door to regaining harmony and balance. I will recommend it to my patients."  

– Dr. Joel Kahn, M.D., Author of "The Whole Heart Solution"

"Jaya Jaya Myra does a phenomenal job explaining the mind-body connection and how to make practical changes in day-to-day life that have a major impact on health and wellness, including finding your purpose. The Soul of Purpose is equally inspiring and educational, and a must read for anyone who wants to live a holistic, healthy life." 

– Dr. David Friedman, Author of "Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads And Fiction"

"Jaya Jaya Myra shows the profound connection between purpose and health and how potent cultivating holistic wellbeing can be. The Soul of Purpose is an inspiring and important book, especially during a pandemic, for practical guidance on mind, body, and soul wellbeing."  

– Paul Schulick, Founder of New Chapter and For the Biome

"Creating good health and mental wellness is a unique process for every individual and Jaya Jaya Myra reveals a crucial—and frequently overlooked—piece of the puzzle: knowing your purpose. She explains why living your purpose is vital for good health, and shows the reader how to create inner prosperity no matter what's happening in life. An empowering and inspiring journey!" 

– Cate Montana, MA, Author of "The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials"

"Jaya Jaya Myra has written a phenomenal book on the connections of purpose, spirituality, and health! The Soul of Purpose takes you on a soul-inspiring journey to be the best possible version of yourself, while improving your health and wellbeing, mind, body, and soul. Jaya Jaya Myra has created a must-read book on holistic wellness." 

– Amy Leigh Mercree, Author of "100 Days to Calm: A Journal for Finding Everyday Tranquility," "A Little Bit of Goddess." and "The Mood Book: Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate Your Spirit"

"Wish that you had the power to get yourself better from fibromyalgia? You do! You won't get it from your physician. But you will get it from learning to follow your own intuition, noticing what feels good to you, and what works best for your body. Along with a healthy dose of common sense. Especially important? Knowing that your mind and mindset can be both a powerful healer or a slayer. The choice is up to you. Need a guide? Jaya Jaya Myra is here to help!"

– Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Author of "From Fatigued to Fantastic!"

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