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The Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman Volume 1: The Third Cry to Legba & Other Invocations

The Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman, Volume One

Published by Night Shade
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Volume 1 (Third Cry to Legba and Other Invocations) collects Wellman’s John Thunstone and Lee Corbet stories. These stories (written between 1943 and 1979) combine the mystical and horrific with traditional southern folk tales and legends. At the same time, these stories reveal a post World War 2 modernism that make them much more then pulp romanticism. The paranoia and cynicism of modern weird icons such as the X-files may well have had their genesis in the pulp musings of Manly Wade Wellman. Indeed the intensely driven, idealistic occult investigator John Thunstone could be a pulp/noir stand in for Fox Mulder.

This work will be issued in a fine collector's hardcover state, with 24 illustrations. Edited by John Pelan, illustrated by Kenneth Waters.


* Introduction
* The Third Cry to Legba
* The Golden Goblins
* Hoofs
* The Letters of Cold Fire
* John Thunstone's Inheritance
* Sorcery from Thule
* The Dead Man's Hand
* Thorne of the Threshold
* The Shonokins
* Blood from a Stone
* The Dai Sword
* Twice Cursed
* Shonokin Town
* The Leonard Rondache
* The Last Grave of Lill Warren
* Rouse Him Not
* The Dakwa
* The Beasts That Perish
* Willow He Walk
* A Witch for All Seasons
* Chastel

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