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The Secrets of Middle School

Everything You Need To Succeed

Middle School typically encompasses Grades 6-8 when children range in age from 10 to 14. This is a time of intense peer pressure and individuation for children – as well as a critical time for making learning either dynamic or deadly

Middle school is fun, interesting, and exciting... but it can also be challenging!  From first-day jitters to middle school dances, lunchtime drama to BFFs with BAPs (Big Attitude Problems), middle school has its share of dilemmas and decisions.  Girls need a little guidance now and then. In The Secrets of Middle School, tweens can read about crushes and cliques, test-taking tips and locker decorating ideas.  They'll learn the secrets to surviving gym class and how other girls handled their most embarrassing middle school moments.  This guide gives girls real-world tips and advice so that they can face anything from drama club tryouts to co-ed parties with confidence!