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The Samurai Handbook

From weapons and wars to history and heroes

The Samurai Handbook is packed with short bios of the most famous samurai in history and their death-defying feats. Readers will also learn about amazing Japanese weaponry, insane samurai armor and helmets, cool castle defenses, and even what kind of warrior they would be in feudal Japan. 

This heavily illustrated handbook is packed with everything you’d ever want to know about samurai:

*The samurai code
*The ways of the warlords
*Life in feudal Japan
*Samurai armor and clothing
*Generals’ powerful helmets
*Weapons, from spears and longbows to early firearms
*What happened during the Japanese civil war
*How feudal battles were fought 
*Japanese families and clans
*The bravest samurai generals
*The most famous samurai in Japanese history
*Hidden passageways and other castle secrets
*How to capture a castle
*Battle match-ups: Who would win in a fight?
*Women in battle
*Your own samurai style: What kind of warrior would you be?

Osamu Tashiro is a leading expert on medieval Japanese history and a sought-after authority on all things samurai. He is a professor emeritus at the University of Saitama in Japan.