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The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

A Novel

A new political thriller from the author of bestselling novel The Essay

Lester Yates is the notorious Egypt Valley Strangler, one of the country’s most prolific serial killers. Or, is he? Yates is two months from his date with the executioner when Ohio Attorney General Hutch Van Buren is presented with evidence that could exonerate him. But Yates is a political pawn, and forces exist that don’t want him exonerated, regardless of the evidence. To do so could derail presidential aspirations and change the national political landscape. Yates’ execution will clear a wide political path for many influential people, including Van Buren, who must battle both the clock and a political machine of which he is a part.
Robin Yocum has been compared with E. Annie Proulx for his authenticity of place, and Elmore Leonard for his well-laid plots and perfect pacing. Arcade is thrilled to publish The Sacrifice of Lester Yates, which is Yocum at his best: suspenseful, political, and smart.   

“Robin Yocum is one of the most talented and graceful writers working in America today.” Donald Ray Pollock, author of The Devil All the Time and The Heavenly Table.
“Yocum writes like the reporter he used to be. He’s observant and still has his eye for detail and nuance.” Richmond Times Dispatch
“Yocum is at his best while he is observing or remembering ordinary experiences and people.” Columbus Dispatch
“Like Annie Proulx, Richard Russo, and Richard Ford, Robin Yocum knows how to stake out a claim to a very particular part of American and make it uniquely his own.” Howard Frank Mosher
“Yocum writes with assurance and a lively, engaging touch.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“Robin Yocum has just been added to my Read-Anything-He-Writes-Including-His-Grocery-List List.” Gumshoes, Gats and Gams

In Praise of The Essay: 
"The story is not only a compassionate look at the boy's development, but a moving look at life in a depressed area of the country. The story is a heart-rending tale of real life characters, with deep insights into their makeup. The writing is plain and unadorned, and completely in tune with the people and place. Highly recommended." --Midwest Book Review

"Like Annie Proulx, Richard Russo, and Richard Ford, Robin Yocum knows how to stake out a claim to a very particular part of America and make it uniquely his own. In Yocum's poignant and hard-hitting new novel, THE ESSAY, he explores, with great insight and craftsmanship, the coal mines and out-of-the-way farms and rivers and Friday night football games of southeastern Ohio. Jimmy Lee Hickam may come from a family of outlaws, but he's my latest literary hero. THE ESSAY is a book that young adults and veteran readers alike are going to love."--Howard Frank Mosher

In Praise of A Welcome Murder (2017):
“Superb…. the splendid pacing, the deceptively simple prose, and the high energy boiling just beneath it all prove addictive.” —BooklistSTARRED REVIEW
“[An] exceptionally clever novel…. A rollicking tale sure to appeal to Donald Westlake and Elmore Leonard fans.”—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW 
“Yocum releases a farcical basket of deplorables in Steubenville, Ohio, and lets them crawl all over each other in search of criminal advantage….a memorably merry tale of murder most richly deserved.”—Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW   

In Praise of A Perfect Shot: (2018) 
“Outstanding….Yocum has crafted a harrowing yet touching story about friendship, loyalty, and doing what is right no matter the cost.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLYSTARRED REVIEW

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