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The Roll Model

A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body

Foreword by Kelly Starrett


Pain is an epidemic. It prevents you from performing at your best because it robs you of concentration, power, and peace of mind. But most pain is preventable and treatable, and healing is within your grasp. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have taken life “by the balls” and circumvented a dismal future of painkillers, surgeries, and hopelessness by using Jill Miller’s groundbreaking Roll Model Method.

The Roll Model gives you the tools to change the course of your life in less than 5 minutes a day. You are a fully equipped self-healing organism, and this book will guide you through easy-to-perform self-massage techniques that will erase pain and improve your performance in whatever activities you pursue.

The Roll Model teaches you how to improve the quality of your life no matter your size, shape, or condition. Within these pages you will find:

  • Inspiring stories of people just like you who have altered the course of their lives by using the Roll Model Method
  • Accessible explanations of how and why this system works based on the science of your body and the physiological effects of rolling
  • Step-by-step rolling techniques to help awaken your body’s resilience from head to toe so that you have more energy, less stress, and greater performance

Whether you’re living with constant discomfort, seeking to improve your mobility, or trying to avoid medication and surgery, this book provides empowering and effective solutions for becoming your own best Roll Model.

Jill has put forth one of the great works of public health in our time.

– - Dr. Kelly Starrett co-founder of Mobilitywod, New York Times bestselling Author of, Becoming a Supple Leopard

Short of taking Jill Miller home with you,there is no better source for step-by-step self-care health-care than The Roll Model. Metamorphosis is not only for butterflies- you too can change your body into a different animal. The Roll Model is a book as robust as your health will be after reading it.

– - Katy Bowman, M.S. author of, Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement

Mobility is the key to unlocking next level strength and performance in your body. Jill Miller is not only the master of this, she teaches it in a way that simplifies the science and gives clear instructions that anyone at any fitness level can use immediately. My body has never been happier. And my foam roller has never been more jealous.

– - Adam Rosante, Celebrity Fitness & Wellness Coach, author,, The 30-Second Body.

Where movement meets method is where the rubber hits the road in any therapeutic practice and it is there that great change can take place. The Roll Model presents a concrete roadmap for pain management, body ease, and movement efficiency. Jill’s energy, endless curiosity and extensive work in the areas of anatomy and yoga therapy all “rolled” into one, make her voice unique. ‘Live better in your body’ is a promise you can bank on when working with Jill’s self-care methodology and The Roll Model may be just be the breakthrough your body has been secretly been begging for and the path toward true physical freedom.

– - Brooke Siler, author of NY Times Bestseller, The Pilates Body, Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge, The Women’s Health Big Book of Pilates

I really love the 'live better in your body' part of the promise of this book—it should be a priority for everyone. And I think Jill Miller's approach to self-massage is excellent. One of my personal goals is always expansion—becoming more open and more flexible, both physically as well as mentally. I often think that where the body goes, the mind follows. And a flexible body—one that can really move—can go farther and longer.

– - Gabrielle Reece, former pro beach volleyball player and certified trainer

This carefully written and beautifully illustrated book lays out a comprehensive new system of 'self-care healthcare' that’s grounded in science, honed by experience, and proven by an exceptional track record of success. The Roll Model offers an invaluable resource for anyone who is ready to expand their self-care repertoire, or works to support others in sustaining optimal health.

– -Carol Horton, PhD, author of, Yoga PhD; co-editor of 21st Century Yoga