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The Real News!

The Never-Before-Told Stories of Donald Trump & Fake News!

The Real News! gives you the satirical inside scoop on the celebrity news media and famous politicians of our day.

This humorous compilation of stories takes you behind the scenes for some hilarious moments in network newsrooms, U.S. Congress, and the Oval Office. Non-partisan and never mean-spirited, this very funny collection of fictional tales features:

  • The wife of a famous politician who reveals all
  • A Television News Emmy Award created to honor media stars who become so upset on the air that they literally froth at the mouth
  • The exclusive on the six congressional leaders—the Secret Six—who are given an ingenious plan to win the White House by an unexpected adviser
  • The inside story on Oprah Winfrey’s final decision on running for president
  • Chris Matthews winning a Senate seat and taking his Hardball style to Congress
  • The secret meeting in the Oval Office to avoid the Washington Post’s fact-checkers and Pinocchio ratings
  • The untold story of a few former politicians taking a flying leap off the Brooklyn Bridge

These stories are all for fun and fun for all. The Real News!

"John Bernard Ruane's The Real News is funny and timely!"

– Robert Klein, Comedy Legend

"The Real News! blends political observations, satire, and fiction in a refreshingly different perspective about Trump that uses a series of satirical stories about Trump and his media whirlwind to poke thought-provoking fun at his presidency... Political humor that comes to life in a pointed discussion of Trumpisms and their impact on social and political circles makes for both enlightening and entertaining reading, especially recommended for those tired of the usual rants and raves from either side, who want a different tone with an overlay of serious irony."

– Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"What separates this book from so many of the articles written about this unbelievable time we live in is Ruane's ability to look and poke fun at situations without being mean or callous. Whether you reside politically on the left, right, or in the middle, you will laugh, cringe, and probably nod your head at Ruane's non-partisan take on how we arrived at this place in time... The book is a quick, fun read, with each chapter/story self-contained. I would recommend this book to anyone tired of trying to make sense of the seemingly senseless world. Take a break from your anger, frustration, and worry; just relax and have a good laugh."

– Ed Sarna, Windy City Reviews

"This satirical collection gives us "the REAL news" that we've never heard before, and it's a funny ride. The first story details a study done on hardcore Trump supporters to find out why they approve of anything he does. I was shaking with laughter by the end of that one."

– Online Book Club

"John Ruane brings together satire and politics to give us a new way to look at Donald Trump. Regardless of where you are politically, you will have plenty to laugh at here. The book is a quick, fun read, with each chapter/story being self-contained." 

– Reviews by Amos Lassen

"An educational , informative and eye-opening book that not only informed me about American politics, but rather the inner workings of it and what happens behind the scenes... The book is sensational, and despite its dramatic moments that at times are shocking, it is still brilliant and had me turning the pages with haste from beginning to end! He will give his readers 'the inside scoop on Donald J. Trump and does this by sharing never before told stories, many of which are incredibly humorous!... And so it is really a book not to be missed! Readers that love politics and love dramatic and informative books will adore The Real News! because it is one of the best books of the genre." 

– Aimee Ann, Red Headed Book Lover, England

"This satire will make them [readers] think about the direction reporting and politics are going today, and the integrity and standards that are being lost in the process."

– Angie Mangino, Looks At Books