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The Power of Humility

Choosing Peace over Conflict in Relationships

Published by Health Communications Inc
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Throughout our life, at each moment, from each conflict that arises throughout every day, we are given the power to choose. We all face challenges in our relationships and Dr. Whitfield gives us the secret to meeting each challenge and how to make the best choice when faced with hard decisions and irrational emotions. Using the same questions he has asked his patients, Dr. Whitfield asks readers:

  • Do you choose to protect your point of view, your position, and your ego's limited perceptions? Or do you choose humility: open-mindedness, curiosity, and tolerance?
  • Do you choose to play the victim, to persecute or to rescue? Or do you choose humility: to motivate, nurture, and empower?
  • Do you choose separation, or through humility, inclusion?

These are the lessons taught in The Power of Humility. Simple, easy to understand, yet life changing, Dr. Whitfield teaches us that by accepting our "humility" we invite peace, love, joy, and gratitude into our life and our relationships.

Key Features
  • Patient stories provide the reader with specific examples on the power of humility.
  • Takes readers through the separate steps in identifying humility throughout their lives.
  • Tie in to reissue of Dr. Whitfield’s million copy classic Healing the Child Within.

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