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The Plot to Kill King

The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Bestselling author, James Earl Ray’s defense attorney, and, later, lawyer for the King family William Pepper reveals who actually killed MLK.

William Pepper was James Earl Ray’s lawyer in the trial for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr., and even after Ray’s conviction and death, Pepper continues to adamantly argue Ray’s innocence. This myth-shattering exposé is a revised, updated, and heavily expanded volume of Pepper’s original bestselling and critically acclaimed book Orders to Kill, with twenty-six years of additional research included.

The result reveals dramatic new details of the night of the murder, the trial, and why Ray was chosen to take the fall for an evil conspiracy—a government-sanctioned assassination of our nation’s greatest leader. The plan, according to Pepper, was for a team of United States Army Special Forces snipers to kill King, but just as they were taking aim, a backup civilian assassin pulled the trigger. The table of contents include:

Chapter 1: The Road to Memphis
Chapter 2: Deathly Support
Chapter 3: The Patsy Ritual
Chapter 4: Questions Abound
Chapter 5: The Prison Interview
Chapter 6: The Deepening Plot
Chapter 7: Showtime—Investigative Hearings
Chapter 8: The Unscripted Television Trial
Chapter 9: Doors Begin to Open
Chapter 10: Roots of the Civil Trial
Chapter 11: Discovery
Chapter 12: A Darker, Deeper Scene Emerges
Chapter 13: A Patsy’s Death
Chapter 14: A Key Player Begins to Talk
Chapter 15: The Civil Trial
Chapter 16: Raul Coelho (“Raul”)
Chapter 17: The Verdict and the Media Silence
Chapter 18: A Courageous Witness Comes Forward
Chapter 19: The Meeting
Chapter 20: More Flesh on the Bones
Chapter 21: The Ultimate Assassin

In The Plot to Kill King, Pepper shares the evidence and testimonies that prove that Ray was a fall guy chosen by those who viewed King as a dangerous revolutionary. His findings make the book one of the most important of our time—the uncensored story of the murder of an American hero that contains disturbing revelations about the obscure inner-workings of our government and how it continues, even today, to obscure the truth.

"Dr. Pepper has waged a 37-year struggle for truth and justice on behalf of another scapegoat, James Earl Ray--the alleged assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.--and the King family. This book is the culmination of that effort and reveals the truth about that assassination."--Sirhan Sirhan

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