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The Phoenix and the Mirror

Book One of the Vergil Magus Series

A Landmark Fantasy Adventure

Inspired by the legends of the Dark Ages, The Phoenix and the Mirror is the story of the mighty Vergil—not quit the Vergil of our history books (the poet who penned The Aeneid), but the Vergil conjured by by the medieval imagination: hero, alchemist, and sorcerer extroaordinaire

Hugo Award winner Avram Davidson has mingled fact with fantasy, turned history askew, and come up with a powerful fantasy adventure that is an acknowledged classic of the field.

“Rich . . . the story has the intricacy of an Oriental carpet.” – P. Schuyler Miller, Analog, September 1967
“Liberally dotted with the sort of rich, complex, detailed scene-setting . . . which few writers can surpass.” – Judith Merril, Fantasy & Science Fiction August 1967

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