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The Perfect Stride

A Runner?s Guide to Healthier Technique, Performance, and Speed

Photographer Per Hanstorp

Millions of people jog every day, but only one book can teach you the technical crafts and secrets. Chock-full of technique and innovative detail, The Perfect Stride is your go-to book for all things running. The difference lies not in who’s fastest or most fit, but who has the best stride and running form. This is where your real potential lies, and now, author Thomas Reckmann shows you how to reach it.

It all comes down to running technique—the stride that is efficient, time-saving, and easy on the body. Marathons and races become a delightful experience with these solutions:

How to train your technique
The running cycle
The shortcut to faster running
Energy-smart elasticity
Multiple training sessions

In running culture, books and blogs are full of tips on intervals, threshold workouts, and heart rate counters. On the other hand, perfect technique is rarely discussed. With The Perfect Stride as your personal trainer, you’ll discover how to get to the light and efficient stride that will make your daily runs a dream.