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The Old Cotton Blues

Illustrated by Teresa Flavin

A young boy dreams of owning his own clarinet and making music in this sweet picture book.

Dexter loves three things: his mama, the smell of pork chops frying, and the sound of Johnny Cotton’s clarinet. But Mama explains that their money must go for rent instead of musical instruments. As Dexter listens to old Johnny Cotton play the blues on his clarinet, he knows he, too, wants to hold music in his hands. And with Johnny’s help, Dexter may become a musician after all.

Linda England is a children’s author known for her lyrical prose and attention to the details of her characters’ cultures. Linda uses her picture books and stories to bring the music of instruments, people, and the world around us to life while exploring the depth of what children need and want. She was born and raised in Philadelphia. She now lives in Connecticut. 

Teresa Flavin is a children’s book illustrator and fine artist whose mission it is to delight and inspire people of all ages through her artwork, stories, and teaching.

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