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The Nomination

A Novel of Suspense

When Vietnam War hero and Massachusetts Judge Thomas Larrigan is picked by his friend the president to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court, the nomination seems obvious. Larrigan is a family man with an uncontroversial judicial record and the president needs a sure bet. Larrigan will do anything to win a spot on the Supreme Court, but as the old skeletons rattling around in his closet begin to haunt him, Larrigan calls on his old Marine buddy, now a hit man, to sweep the closet clean. What Larrigan doesn't count on are the few skeletons that are still alive…

The Nomination is a fast-paced action and suspense thriller that brings events from the final days of the Vietnam War into direct conflict with contemporary American politics. Tapply ropes in readers with his skillfully woven intersecting paths of deception, desperation, revelation, death, and, ultimately, redemption.

William G. Tapply was the author of dozens of books, including more than two dozen New England–based mystery novels and nearly a thousand magazine articles, mostly about fly fishing and the outdoors. Tapply died in July 2009 after a battle with leukemia. He lived and wrote in Hancock, New Hampshire.

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