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The Naturopathic Way

How to Detox, Find Quality Nutrition, and Restore Your Acid-Alkaline Balance

How naturopathy works to establish good health and protect against the toxic causes of illness

• Shows how cleansing the body’s internal cellular environment with diets and fasts removes the chief cause of disease

• Explains the role played by the acid-alkaline balance in maintaining good health and peak energy

Illness does not appear by chance. It is the direct result of the way we live--what we eat and drink, if we have enough physical exercise, and our state of mind. The basic principles of naturopathy recognize this reality, and its treatments are designed to support our present state of good health or to help us get back to it.

Christopher Vasey, author of the bestselling The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, explains that naturopathic treatments do not attempt to cut off symptoms but instead focus on removing toxic causes. All diseases stem from an unbalanced or dysfunctional biological terrain. This occurs when the body’s internal cellular environment becomes clogged with wastes or when it lacks essential vitamins and mineral nutrients. In this naturopathic guide to health and healing, Vasey shows how to remove toxins from the body using diets, fasts, and detoxifying cleanses. He points to the key role played by the acid-alkaline balance in maintaining peak energy and explains what natural supplements to take to restore deficient nutrients in the body. Vasey believes that the greatest part of achieving health is in our own hands. His book provides a comprehensive set of naturopathic tools to help us restore our optimum health.

Christopher Vasey, N.D., is a naturopath specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation. He is the author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, The Naturopathic Way, The Water Prescription, The Whey Prescription, and The Detox Mono Diet. He lives near Montreux, Switzerland.

“Christopher Vasey puts naturopathic medicine back on the map in a clear, simple, and beautiful fashion. This wonderfully readable book reveals the basic secrets of the body’s ingenious design, guiding us to a practical understanding of true metabolic healing and transformation. This is the foundational reference work that has long been missing.”

– Marc David, author of The Slow Down Diet and Nourishing Wisdom and founder and director of the Insti

“The only word for Christopher Vasey’s The Naturopathic Way is brilliant. It is the best overview of the naturopathic approach to healing that I have read.”

– Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of The Secret Teachings of Plants

"Every word in this slim volume is carefully chosen, making it a lean yet comprehensive introduction to naturopathy and traditional healing methods. Inexpensive and informative, The Naturopathic Way is an excellent source for those who want to change the way we approach health and healing for the better."

– Curled Up with a Good Book, May 2009

". . . will not only educate the reader, but will empower them to find natural ways of restoring their balance within themselves using naturopathic ways. Highly recommended."

– Dr. Adam Weiss, author of The AbSmart and BackSmart Fitness Plans, Aug 2009

"Aside from the wealth of information packed into this slim volume, The Naturopapthic Way also contains detailed information on how to detox the body, restore Acid-Alkaline Balance and restore general good health. An excellent guide and reference book to maintaining well-being in an increasingly toxic world."

– Green Muze, Dec 2009

"[Vasey's] book provides a comprehensive set of naturopathic tools to help us restore our optimum health. Great handbook to keep on your shelf for reference."

– Four Corners, Feb/Mar 2010

"Amongst naturopathic writers I've come across, few can match Vasey for the symmetry, simplicity, and directness with which he manages to get his point across. He renders into simple language and instruction what most others prefer to present as complex. If you do nothing more than absorb and inwardly digest the principles of healthy living he describes and codifies in this book, you could end up, in my personal opinion, living a longer, healthier, and happier life than might otherwise have been the case."

– Huw Griffiths, New Dawn Magazine, No. 119, Mar/Apr 2010

“This book is full of good information. The book is not light reading and may take some time to get through it. But it’s worth the effort. The advice Vasey gives can be very beneficial, especially if used under your care giver’s guidance.”

– Patricia Snodgrass, Facing North, December 2011

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