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A Team Series Story

Published by Post Hill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

When things get messy, the Director of CIA knows he can send in The MOP to clean things up.

After waves of terrorist strikes on U.S. soil take their toll, the CIA is forced to "take out The MOP."  They’re no choir boys—but they’re kind of men you want on your side. Breaking too many laws to count, the secret agents and special operators of The MOP race against the clock to prevent yet another attack—if it’s successful, it will cripple the world economy.  

As incursions happen all over the country, the FBI and CIA try desperately to catch up to the Army of Islam before it can carry out the next offensive.  Omar bin-Abdul Haq won’t be satisfied until the U.S. is in ruins and his idea of the New World Order comes to fruition. His idea of Sharia law is the harshest yet, fueling his sociopathic visions.

The MOP Team has little to go on, and too much to lose—a dangerous combination that requires their very, very special set of skills.  


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