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The Lucid Body

A Guide for the Physical Actor

Foreword by Michael Howard

The Lucid Body reveals how each body holds the possibility of every human condition. With Fay Simpson’s help, actors can better analyze character, hear their inner bodies, dissect the self into layers of consciousness, and more.

Engage your mind and your body in order to develop your characters fully. The Lucid Body technique breaks up stagnant movement patterns and expands your emotional and physical range. Through energy analysis, this program shows how to use physical training to create characters from all walks of life—however cruel, desolate, or neurotic those characters may be. Rooted in the exploration of the seven chakra energy centers, chapters include:

  • Nonjudgmental Mind
  • Audible Exhale
  • Meditation
  • What is a Chakra?
  • The Heart
  • The Throad
  • The Crown
  • Taking Off the Armor
  • Finding Your Persona
  • And much more,

This book offers you a way of thinking and a set of tools that can lead you through a process of self-examination that will help you release old physical and emotional habits in the hope of expanding your acting potential.